the mccrays

Christ-Centered Singing and Preaching


Here's what people are saying about the mccrays and B2G Ministries...

"We had a great time with the McCray Family. ... the mccrays (Ken, Andrea and their four children) sang and played instruments as we all praised the Lord. We saw...[many] different people come through the doors over the three day event. I would recommend this family and Samuel McCray in your church."
- Kevin Chilcutt, Pastor, Victory Lighthouse Assembly of God

"Dear McCrays--What a blessing you were to me and my husband. We heard and saw you for the first time at The Sullivan's [Old Home Place] in St. Stephens. My, oh my, how our heart rejoiced to see the youth playing instruments and singing with such dedication and anointing on their lives. (Parents too.) I talked with you and enjoyed our conversation so much. You folks were just 'down to earth' Holiness--like I like it."
- Nancy Thomas, Westville, Florida

"You all keep up the awesome work!!!"
- Suzanne, Brewton, Alabama

"Teenaged Evangelist Samuel McCray preached four great messages. He delivered messages that were Biblically sound and was not afraid to preach the Word. he might still be in his teens physically, but Samuel is certainly mature as a Christian."
 - Kevin Chilcutt, Pastor, Victory Lighthouse Assembly of God