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Welcome to The McCrays web page!

 Within this site you'll find a little bit about us, as well as some photos of us and such. We have been in full time musical evangelism since 2005 as a family. It is our desire to see people touched by the power of the Gospel, through the preaching and singing of the word of God. When you hear us sing or preach we pray you will come away encouraged to follow Jesus in everything!

Here is a brief introduction to each of us...

The McCrays were originally called by God back in 1985 when He brought Andrea (Jones) and Ken McCray together at Oral Roberts University. Ken felt the call to evangelize and received a bachelors degree in Music Composition. Andrea felt called to the music ministry and was studying theology and evangelism. God knew what he was doing when he put these two together; each one having what the other needed to fulfill the complete call of God. Ken toured with three music ministry groups from ORU across the US, Canada and Mexico and did free-lance music arrangements for the music teams. Ken sings bass/baritone and plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, and banjo. He also writes songs and writes our music arrangements. Andrea sings lead and alto and is our stabilizing force through all mayhem we sometimes have gone through. She prepares our repertoire and handles the administrative and booking and management.

Jessica McCray is the oldest; she sings lead and harmony, and plays guitar, piano, flute, mandolin, fiddle, and bass guitar. She writes most of the original songs we sing.

Samuel McCray sings baritone, plays guitar, drums, mandolin, bass guitar, and percussion. He is a called to be a preacher, and is currently studying through Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He also handles all of our multi media.

Hannah McCray sings soprano,and harmony, plays the bass, guitar and mandolin. She also has written some of the songs we sing.

Matthew McCray sings and is learning to play guitar, mandolin, bass guitar and drums. He has a heart to pray for people.

We minister at churches, retirement homes, revivals and camp meetings. We have to date have been on weekend tours, two & three week tours in Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia. We have a samples of our CD "Paid In Full".Just click on the Paid in Full tab at the top of this page to hear them. Samuel will be updating our website and youtube account with more music and preaching videos. You can share your testimony in our guestbook as to how God has healed your body, your mind, your marriage, and/or your family and also give us your comments and suggestions.

For information and available bookings, please contact Andréa at: 251-457-5743 or, 251-454-9025,

Or write to us at:

The McCrays; P.O. Box 11204; Mobile, AL; 36671-0204 or there is an underscore sign between the and mccrays

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We hope you will be blessed by the mccrays and hope to visit your church or ministry soon. God's blessings to you!